The Lofty Pelican Logo Design

For my next themed project I thought a good summer vibe thing to do would be a beach theme. We hit up the beach for the first time during June and one thing we often see is the pelicans soaring over the beach, totally chill and in perfect formation. Just gliding.
So to kick it off I came up with this design. I haven’t done a line art style of design in a while and thought this is a perfect application.
This is also perfect transition from my last theme, my pilot theme.
Procreate Digital Painting
Practiced some painting on Procreate with my ipad for my beach theme painting

Painting, original sketch and progression as well as youtube video shown below

original Photo by:

Photoshop composite:
Just a little photoshop composite of my Mazda 3 for my beach themed art project.. (original was taken at Joshua Tree) ;) and I put in some pelicans to go along with the pelican logo and theme too.

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