1994 - 1999
This was my original logo developed at the Art Institute of Seattle
2000 - 2005
I changed my name to klockwerks and used the gear and hands of a clock as concepts
For this version I basically updated my logo to a more rounded version and more modernized/experimental text
Here, I experimented with making a cat-like griffen infused with a gothic letter K as kind of a Germanic icon and text concept
Feeling the gothic cat was too hard to notice as a K for some, I stylized it to be more simplistic. the head, shrunk the letterform thickens and the wing and tail become the hands of the K
2008 - 2015
This is how I incorporated the new logo and text into my website during this time, I worked freelance, was hired at Bourns and went to and graduated the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division.
I worked on a modern version of my family crest.

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