A  Fleur de lis (a heraldic emblem consisting of a three pedaled iris) placed  on a sable shield. Chained dogs, Rampant gules and silver surmounted by a  silver dog facing dexter out of a ducal coronet ore, three bells are ore.  The mantling is guled and argents.

 The Motto

The  motto placed under the sable shield reads:
 “Prend Moi tel que je suis” ( Take me as I am )

 Tinctures as shown by description:

The  shield is black, signifying: Prudence
 The bells are gold, signifying: Fortitude
 The Fleur-de-lis is silver:
 One rampand dog is red, signifying: Charity
 The other rampant dog and half
 Dog on the crest are silver, signifying: Hope
 The mantling is red, which represents a cloak
 Dexter, right side of shield represents fortunate
 Argent, silver
 Ducal, pertaining to a duke
 Coronet, a small crown, one marking a rank, lowers than sovereignty.

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