Hi, I'm Steven Klock!

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Star Wars - NFL - Logo Mashups (All 32 Teams)
Tropic Frost
Bourns’ 70th Anniversary Corporate Video
Sublimenal Records logo exploration
Michelle Alvarez Identity
Warp 11 Redshirts
Mellisa Klock Identity
Ben Klock Design
Tri-Tip Mobius Strip
Abstract Painting
Electronic Component Illustrations
Bourns® Pro Lighting Logo
Bourns® Pro Audio Videos
Bourns Trade Show Booths
Bourns® Pro Audio Ads
Mazda 3 commercial spot video exploration project
Crop Circle Flower Design
Infinity design Robotics Team 5151
Well Bean Organic Coffee Logo
Mellisa Klock Digital Portrait
Rancho Springs Outpatient Pharmacy Logo
INTELLIPAX - identity
HMBAA - Husky Marching Band Alumni Association
OCD - Outstanding Cleaning Dynamics
Gothic Griffen K-at
Klock Crest
Dj Kris Moon Catbot design and t-shirt
Emerald City Ink Design Exploration
Knucklehead Beer Logo and website
Splash Cafe Logo
Alexandria's Dance Studio Design Exploration
torrance group design exploration
Character Logo Designs
B & B Food Safety Solutions Logo and Stationary
Pop Surrealism
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